Diablo 3 Wizard Stats & Gear

Wizard Stats and Attributes

Diablo 3 includes several character stat attributes, including 4 core stats. Each class has one primary core attribute. Character stat attributes are not assigned by the player, but allocated to the character automatically. As the character progresses and levels up, stat attributes increase. Details on the rate at which stat attributes increase has yet to be disclosed.

The primary stat attribute for the Wizard is Intellect, it determines the power of attacks executed by the Wizard and health received from health globes. According to Blizzard, targeting stats at specific classes reduces the extent of item overlap and increases the diversity of the item pool, thus making it easier for players to conclude if an item is useful or not for their character.

Wizard Gear Progression

Like most Blizzard games, progression in Diablo 3 is as much about Gear as it is about level. Stats and attributes are no longer allocated by players, but increase automatically as characters level up. While these stats and attributes do contribute to the magnitude of skill damage, the primary variable effecting skill damage is itemized Weapons damage.
Despite unified gear progression across the classes, gear itemization and class-specific items allow for diversity beyond skills defined by class, talent builds and Runestones. Armor and weapons unique to the Wizard include Wizard Hats, Orbs and Wands.

Wizard Stats Priorities

The primary core stat for Wizard is Intellect. The Intellect attribute increases the damage output of the Wizard and increases the amount of health the Wizard receives from Health Globes.


Strength is the core stat/attribute of the Barbarian class.
- Strength determines the power of attacks executed by the Barbarian
- Strength determines the amount of Armor your Wizard possesses


Dexterity is the core stat/attribute of the Demon Hunter and Monk classes.
- Dexterity determines the power of attacks executed by the Demon Hunter and the Monk
- Dexterity determines the ability of your Wizard to dodge


Intellect is the core stat/attribute of your Wizard and the Witch Doctor class.
- Intellect determines the power of spells cast by your Wizard and the Witch Doctor
- Intellect determines the amount of health your Wizard gains from Health Globes


Vitality is the core stat/attribute that directly affects the health pool of all Diablo 3 classes.
- Vitality determines the amount of Health your Wizard possess

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